a. Endowment Fund maintained by the TEI - Amount : 5 Lakhs

Bank: Andhra Bank

FRD Number : 216766

b.Reserve Fund maintained by the TEI
Amount: -   3 Lakhs 
Bank: Andhra Bank
FRD Number  : 216767

C. Annual fees charged from students of different programmes and Annual fees fixed by the State Govt.for different Programmes

Sl.No. Programme Total Annual Fee charged by the Institution (Current Session Fee fixed by the Central/State/Union Territory Government (Current Session)
1 B.Ed 29000.00 29000.00

d. Mention if Fee concession or scholarships are given to students   Yes

If yes, Give details


e. Income during the previous academic session

Sl.No. Head/Source of Income Income in INR
(Write NA for not applicable)
1. Income from fees 1450000.00
2. Grant received from State govt.if any NA
3. Income from other sources : donation etc. NA
Total Income 1450000.00

f. Expenditure during the Previous Academic Session

Sl.No. Head of Expenditure Expenditure in INR
(Write NA for not applicable)
A Capital Expenditure
1. Expenditure incurred on augmentation of infrastructure
2. Expenditure incurred on augmentation of Instructional Resources
B. Recurring Expenditure
3. Staff Salary
4. Interest Payment on loans
5. Loan Repayment on loans
6. Miscellaneous expenditure
C Transfer to Capital Account
7. Transfer to Governing Body
Total Expenditure

g. Whether Balance Sheet of the previous Academic Session has been displayed   Yes

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Majma's Traininig College Kavanur,Malappuram is an educational institution run by Majma'a Malabar Al-Islami.Ever since its found ing on 24'th December 1995,the society took special care and interest in the education of the people,especially the backward and the minorities.

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